Whether you need to get birds or pigeons away from your business or commercial building, or if your apartment balcony or backyard are being taken over by noisy, messy birds, we'll find a solution to get your space bird-free!

The bottomline is that not all birds are created equal. For example, feral birds can cause physical damage and defacement to your property and they can potentially spread disease. Our first step is to investigate which species you are dealing with because bird control and bird removal procedures depend very much on the type of bird.

Our bird pest control assessments are free, so please get in touch to schedule your on-site assessment.

We work with the following three options for bird control:


  • Use of spikes

  • Predator models

  • Water jets

  • Noise

  • Products that burn the feet temporarily


  • Catch and release programs


  • Baiting programs

Please note: some of the options are limited in certain areas because of civic regulations.