Commercial Bedbug Removal On The Sunshine Coast To North Brisbane

Is your business dealing with a bedbug infestation?

Whether you own a hotel, a B&B, a movie theatre, or a different sort of business — if you're up against a bedbug infestation, or suspect you've found evidence of bedbugs, get in touch right away. It's important to start treating the problem as soon as possible.

Bedbugs are awful pests and the last thing you want is to be overwhelmed with negative reviews because your guests are itchy and upset about bedbug bites. Treating them on your own with over-the-counter remedies is not an option. You need professional help to truly eliminate your bedbug problem.

Our professional team starts by inspecting your business for adult bedbugs and if an infestation is present, we use a number of different products and techniques to eradicate the adults and their eggs. We also provide information on how to prevent future infestations.

To learn more about bedbugs (and to see a picture of one), please review our bed bug treatment page.