We’re Open: COVID-19 Update

**Last updated 11 Sep 2020

You may be understandably concerned about allowing a contractor into your home or business during this unprecedented crisis. I would like to assure you that we are taking all necessary steps to ensure the safety of you, your family, and our team.

When Victoria went into stage 4 restrictions, it deemed Pest Management to be an essential service due to its role in maintaining the safety, sanitisation and essential operation of residences. We have been very lucky as Queenslanders to have avoided such restrictions to date. However, we prepared our team and updated our procedures at the beginning of March to be able to continue operating safely even if we were to enter stage 4 restrictions. To minimise risk while still providing our services, we have made the changes listed below. Your technician will:

  1. Wash their hands with soap when arriving on site.
  2. Sanitise their hands when going from one unit or home to the next.
  3. Wear a mask or respirator while on site.
  4. Ask you to open all doors and cupboards where required so that our technician touches as few of your surfaces as possible.
  5. Maintain a distance of 1.5m from you.
  6. Not come to work if they feel unwell or are displaying flu or COVID like symptoms.
  7. Reschedule your service for a later date if you are isolating, quarantined, feeling unwell, deemed vulnerable to COVID, uncomfortable with us entering your home at the moment, or displaying flu or COVID like symptoms.

As part of our normal process, we avoid contact and treatment of any bench tops and food preparation surfaces.

Pest management is vital in preventing the infestation of pests that carry and transmit diseases and bacteria. Termite Inspections and treatments prevent the very costly destruction of homes. While it may be tempting to delay pest management at this time due to the risk of COVID, our concern is that it may leave you, your family and your home vulnerable to the risks associated with pests. That is why we’ve taken the steps listed above so that we can continue to provide our services during this time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact one of our friendly team members on 07 5475 4660.

Thank you for your time, and your ongoing support of our company. Together we will get through this trying time.

Questions About Our Services During COVID-19 Crisis

I live in a body corporate unit and I’m categorised as vulnerable for COVID-19. Do I have to get my unit serviced?

No. Of course not. While we take all reasonable steps to make conducting our service as safe as possible, we understand that you may be higher risk. Please just let our office know and we will reschedule your unit when you feel more comfortable.

With the risk of COVID-19, shouldn’t our body corporate building delay our service until the risks alleviate?

Pest Management is vital in maintaining the safety and sanitation of a body corporate community. Cockroaches, rodents and fleas have all been responsible for spreading many viruses and bacteria, and Termites are responsible for countless damage of Queensland buildings. It is very important that these services are maintained to prevent infestations. Not only that, but with so many people spending so much time in their home, we want to ensure that pests are one less worry for you and your family.

Don’t see your question here? Get in touch with our team. We’ll be happy to discuss any further questions you may have.

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