Pre-Purchase Building & Pest Inspections On The Sunshine Coast To North Brisbane

Congratulations! You've had an offer accepted for the purchase of a property. This is an exciting time for you and also a great time to begin protecting your investment. For our pre-purchase building and pest service we work with two experienced specialists: a building inspector and a pest inspector.

All of our pre-purchase pest inspections include a proposal for a termite management system if the property you are purchasing does not already have one. Some properties will have outdated termite management systems, and in this case we provide a proposal to replenish the system to protect your investment. While there may be an upfront cost to install a termite management system, you will prevent expensive termite damage repairs!


Why You Need a Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspection

You're making a huge investment and you need to be sure what you are purchasing is worth it. We help you identify any potential problems that will make your investment less sound, like termite damage, structural imperfections, water leaks, and so much more.

The upfront cost of a proper, thorough inspection is far more economical than trying to fix unknown building defects or damage caused by pests after you settle on the property. Plus, if we identify that you need to install a termite barrier, you can often work the price into your mortgage! The last thing you need when you are making such a large purchase is a surprise expense creeping up on you.

Why Choose Bundilla Over a Company That Only Provides Building & Pest Inspections?

Us Them
Two Inspectors (Building Inspector + Pest Control Inspector)One Inspector (Typically an ex-builder with no pest control experience)
Two Detailed ReportsOne Report
Can propose and book installation of termite systemNot able to provide proposal, or conduct termite system install
Easy to set-up ongoing pest managementYou'll need to find another company for future pest management services
We offer our Deluxe Package so you're guaranteed to move into a pest-free home!Typically not offered :(

One upsetting thing that we've found with customers who used a combined building and pest inspector is that the inspector will recommend a termite barrier. The customer then goes ahead with the purchase of the property thinking that they will sort out the termite barrier once the purchase settles. The customer then sets up an appointment with us to provide a proposal to install a termite barrier. But when we get to their property we find the design and construction of the home unfortunately prevents us from being able to install a termite barrier, or it would be extremely difficult to do so and therefore becomes cost-prohibitive! This is very, very frustrating for people, as it should be. 

In these cases, we generally recommend a regime of 6 monthly termite inspections. This is a fine option, but will be a surprise cost to our customer. This is why we work with a qualified building inspector and a fully-trained, experienced pest inspector in tandem for pre-purchase building and pest inspections.