Sunshine Coast To North Brisbane Ant Control

Your home is a safe place that you don't want to share with irritating ants. Ants are resilient little buggers who thrive on our warm, wet climate. We need to take great care to control their presence because even though they are small, they can be a problem for us and our homes on the Sunshine Coast to North Brisbane.

If you notice an increasing number of ants outside your home, it is only a matter of time before they venture inside. This is because ant pressure builds from the outside in and a change in the weather (like a few days of rain) can push ants inside your home. Let's treat your ant infestation before they break into your home!

If they are already in your home, our ant control treatments will still be effective — and much, much more effective than over-the-counter ant control products. These products have a "knock-down" effect, which means they can get rid of the ants you can see in that moment, but do not treat the rest of the colony.

The best way to control ants is with a treatment process that has a transference effect. The products we use take advantage of the way that ants live. Ants groom and help one another, and often eat their own dead, so the products we use to treat your ant problem make the ants do some of the work for us. The close quarters that ants keep makes our treatment approach very efficient because it impacts the ants who weren't immediately effected by treatment in addition to those who were present.

Get rid of ants like this one in and around your home.

Get rid of ants like this one in and around your home.


Facts About Our Ant Treatments:

We recommend a full internal and external treatment to keep your home ant free.

  • If the ants were inside your home, the best practice is to maintain treatments every 12 months to prevent reoccurrence.

  • If you are experiencing heavy ant pressure, we may recommend follow-up external treatments at six month intervals to maintain ant control.

  • We use multiple products to make our treatments more effective over time (and use different products inside then we do outside).

  • Our equipment ensures we are able to get the job done safely (for our team and for you and your family).

  • We will explain things you can do around your home to decrease the chances of ants becoming a problem again.

  • You may still see ants for 4-6 weeks after treatment, as the treatment works its way through the whole colony.