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Termites cause more damage in Australia each year than fire and flood combined! They’re quite fascinating creatures, but very destructive. They can cause thousands of dollars of damage before you even see a warning sign. This is extremely problematic as your building and contents insurance will not cover termite damage. If you suspect that you have termites or if you’ve seen ‘white ants’ — get in touch with us right away!

A trail of mud going up your wall and imperfections or bulges in your home’s timber or paint can be signs of termites. If you poke a paint bulge and your finger goes right through, your wall has likely been destroyed internally by termites! Don’t wait for them to cause any more damage. Book a termite control treatment with us right away!

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How We Control Termites

We control termites using the following three methods:

1. Annual Termite Inspections

We perform separate termite inspections as needed, and they are part of our Supreme Pest Control package as well. Every home in Queensland should have an inspection carried out at least annually as they are far more economical than a costly termite infestation treatment and rectification!

Our expert pest control technicians take their time to inspect your home. We inspect every 20cm of accessible structural timber inside your home and crawl through your roof and crawl space (if accessible) to ensure we provide you with the highest quality inspection.

How much does a termite inspection cost?

Our residential termite inspection costs are determined by asking a series of questions about your home (i.e. how many bedrooms, how many media rooms, is your home high set or low set etc) that will help us ascertain the time required to complete a full termite inspection (without missing out any important areas!) and to provide a high-quality report to ensure we don’t leave anything out. Therefore it’s difficult to include a price range without speaking with you about your home first.

We also provide management proposals for all homes that don’t have adequate protection put in place.

2. Termite Treatments

When we discover termites on or within your property during an inspection, we perform a treatment to eradicate the termites immediately and stop the progression of damage to your home and any other structures on the property. As we do this, we also survey the extent of damage already caused by the termite problem.

Our technicians are highly experienced in identifying a colony and understanding their pattern to ensure the termites will all be eliminated. After a treatment for active termites, we generally wait 14-21 days and then come check to be sure the treatment successfully eradicated the active termites.

What are the different types of termite treatments you offer?

  1. Dusting – We drill a small hole into termite workings or damaged timbers and use a dust puffer to distribute a fine termiticide impregnated cellulose powder. The powder creates a light cover over the termites and is ingested during their regular grooming, eliminating them. The dusts we use are non-repellants and leverage a transfer effect to take out other termites who encounter affected termites.
  2. Foaming – We drill a small hole into the termite workings or damaged timbers and distribute a liquid foam which quickly expands throughout the workings. The foam we use is simply a foam version of Termidor — the premium product for treating termites. It is non-repellent, which means the termites don’t sense danger, it keeps them alive for 4-6 days after contact, which allows for affected termites to transfer the chemical to non-affected termites.
  3. Liquid application – We directly apply liquid Termidor into a ground mound or arboreal termite nest to eradicate the colony.

How much does a termite treatment cost?

Our termite treatments cost around $248 which includes up to 1 hour of treatment — plus a free appointment 14-21 days later to ensure that the treatment was successful. You will also receive two reports (a certificate of treatment and a site consultation report from the successful treatment check), plus a proposal to install a termite barrier.

In the rare event that the termite activity is extensive and 1 hour is not sufficient for the treatment, we charge $102 for every 30 minutes thereafter.

3. Termite Prevention

A single treatment isn’t enough to keep your home safe from termites! After treatment, our technicians focus on preventing termites from damaging your home in the future. We identify at-risk areas and recommend an action plan that includes a barrier to minimise the likelihood of an infestation. We can install physical and/or subterranean chemical soil treatments to make conditions unsuitable for termites.

Why Choose Bundilla Pest Control?

Our family has owned and operated Bundilla Pest Control for over 34 years — you can trust that we’ve been around to deal with every termite problem you could think of and we’ll continue to be around to help you with whatever comes up in the future!

Our team provides all termite services from inspections to prevention barriers and everything in between. Whether you’re renovating your current home, building a new home, or buying a new home, we can help! When you choose Bundilla Pest Control you choose the highest levels of customer service and quality in Queensland.

What Do Termites Do?

Termite worker and soldier termites leave their mounds in search of food in hot, humid conditions because their soft outer layer is susceptible to disintegration in cold, dry climates. This is why we see so many termites along the Sunshine Coast to North Brisbane! Most termite species are subterranean; meaning they live and travel mostly underground, or within an enclosed tunnel or structure. This subterranean lifestyle is what makes them undetectable for the average homeowner. They tunnel underground from the nest into their home, and slowly start eating wooden structures from the inside out.

Termites live most of their lives in complete darkness and most are actually blind as they have no need for sight anyways. Termites display grooming behaviours within their colony which transfer bacteria to their young, which assists in the digestion of cellulose (which they obtain from wood). This behaviour is very important in the transference of the products we use when treating a termite infestation.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Termites

What do termites look like?

Termites are usually between 4-8 mm long with white to light brown bodies. Many of our clients call in saying they’ve seen white ants — these are actually termites! Not all termites resemble white ants so it’s good to know there are many different types of termites with different characteristics. Only a professional pest control technician is trained to spot the difference between the type of termite and provide the right type of treatment to get rid of them — for good!

For termite photos, check out our blog post on How to Identify the Different Types of Termites.

How long does it take for a termite treatment to take effect?

The termite treatment will take effect immediately. However, it may take up 14-21 days to eliminate the entire colony.

Why do I need to get a termite inspection every year?

To answer your question, here’s 4 facts every home owner should know:

Fact 1: Termites cause more damage in Australia each year than fire and flood combined.

Fact 2: Your building and contents insurance will not cover Termite Damage.

Fact 3: In the vast majority of cases, termite damage is not visible until significant damage has already occurred.

Fact 4: Your builders warranty will be void if you do not maintain annual Termite inspections.

Now keep in mind that you can easily see or smell if a fire or flood has damaged your home. Unfortunately, it’s not so simple with Termite damage. Termites are stealthy little critters who specialise in eating houses out from the inside out, leaving no visible signs in your home until significant damage has already occurred.

Most home owners would not be able to sleep at night if they did not have a current building and content insurance policy protecting their investment. Yet Queensland homes are much more likely to be damaged by Termites. Therefore we encourage our customers to think of their annual termite inspection as an insurance policy against significant termite damage.

For further information, check out our blog on the Sunshine Coast Termite activity.

What should I do if I find active termites?

We’re sorry to hear you have Termites, but don’t worry, we’re here to help.

First of all, your home isn’t going to collapse; you and your family are safe. Your next step is to make an appointment for one of our expert Termite Technicians to inspect your home, assess the extent of the damage, and to treat the active Termites.

In the meantime, please resist the urge to kill or disturb the Termites in any way. The soldier and worker termites (which are the ones you’ll come across) have evolved to be sensitive to light, so if you’ve uncovered them, you need to cover them back up. The reason being that if you leave them uncovered, the termites may alter their tunnel system, which would make it more difficult for us to effectively track and eliminate them. When it comes to treating Termites, we don’t want to kill them straight away. Instead we want the Termites to come in contact with our chemical, and then transfer it through contact to other Termites in their colony. Therefore, the more active Termites that we can spray directly, the quicker the chemical will transfer to all the Termites in the nest.

For more information on Termites, check out our blog on Sunshine Coast Termite Control

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