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Fleas are one of the few downsides of having a family pet. Where your pets go and who they play with when they’re outside of your home can be the difference between your home being flea free and flea infested… 

So if you see your pet scratching more than usual, be sure to check them for fleas!

Pesky fleas are very small and often hard to spot, but they are very irritating. With 90 different species living among us in Australia, most of us have likely had a flea bite at some point in our lives!

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How We Get Rid of Fleas

Fleas are small, but you don’t want them in your home and neither do we. Getting rid of fleas isn’t an emergency situation, but we understand your desire to be flea free, so get in touch to book a consult right away!

First, we inspect your premises to find problem areas. The most common areas fleas will live are in fibrous areas such as beds, upholstery, carpets, bedding, and clothing. We treat these common flea habitats with a surface spray.

We do not recommend treating tiled or concreted areas, as fleas do not inhabit hard flat surfaces so treating these areas is not necessary. Book your consult today and we will work diligently to get rid of any fleas in your home.

Why Is Flea Removal Important?

  • Adult fleas are blood suckers and usually live and feed on pet or human hosts.
  • Populations can grow so large that public health warnings of ‘flea plagues’ are not uncommon.
  • Fleas can transmit diseases to humans and pets. The bubonic plague from the middle ages was spread via flea bites that hosted on rats. Parasitic worms are also carried within fleas and can be transferred to pets and humans.
  • Bites can cause irritation, inflammation and sometimes infection.
  • An adult female flea lays around eight eggs after every blood meal. Within her lifetime, which is usually 100-500 days, she may lay several hundred eggs. Each egg takes from one to two weeks to reach adulthood.
  • Eggs are laid in the fur of pets or within sleeping areas of the host.
  • Fleas prefer warm, humid conditions and are a particular problem during the summer months.
  • Eggs can even be laid outside where they may halt their growth until favourable conditions arise.

Different Types of Fleas We Help Remove

Cat Flea: the most common flea in most regions. This flea will also attack humans, dogs, and other mammals.

Dog Flea: similar to the cat flea in appearance, but less often encountered.

Human Flea: since the introduction of the vacuum cleaner, this flea is less prevalent. This flea will attack other mammals and focuses mainly on pigs.

Oriental Rat Flea: hosts mainly on rats, but will transmit pathogens that are dangerous to human health.

Whether you have seen fleas on your pet (or yourself) or your lease has ended and you have an obligation to complete a flea treatment, get in touch with us for a professional flea treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fleas

Is the flea control treatment safe for my pets or family?

Yes, the products we use are safe for you and your family! We use multiple products to make our treatments more effective over time and are in constant communication with our chemical supplier to ensure the products are safe.

How many flea treatments do I need to get done?

You only need to get one flea treatment done to remove them from your home. However, flea eggs are impervious to pest control products, and so they need to hatch before the product can take effect. This means you may continue to see some flea activity for a few days after the treatment, which is totally normal. The more you walk around and create vibrations on your carpeted areas, the quicker the flea eggs will hatch and die.

Do I need to spray my house with tick or flea spray before moving?

If you are renting and you have a pet, you may have a clause in your lease that requires you to have a flea treatment before you move out.  We recommend checking your lease or calling your property manager for further clarification.

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