The Complete Guide To Termite Management For Body Corporates

Did you know body corporates are responsible for any and all pest and termite inspections and prevention treatments of the common property?

What makes termites so risky? The main reason is that they can do a lot of damage to property in a short amount of time! When a body corporate is considering termite management, they are really dealing with the risks to their investment through unforeseen costs due to treatment, a drop in property value, loss in rent, and much, much more.

We’ve put together the ultimate guide to help body corporates manage the risk of termites at their body corporate complex. The guide covers the following topics crucial for body corporate owners and managers:

  1. How to calculate your risk of a termite infestation
  2. How to treat these risks
  3. When to install a physical vs chemical termite barrier
  4. The responsibility of the body corporate committee vs individual owners
  5. And more!

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