Bee Control & Wasp Removal on the Sunshine Coast to North Brisbane

Their stings hurt and if a person is allergic, a bee or wasp sting can become life-threatening. Nothing ruins a good barbecue like a swarm of wasps buzzing around, making your guests uncomfortable and scared!

The general rule is to stay calm because these pests aren’t aggressive unless they are provoked, but often that is easier said then done. It’s hard not to flap our arms around and swat at bees and wasps when they are buzzing around us!

A close up of a wasp

Bee and wasp treatments are only an emergency if someone living or working nearby is allergic. It’s frustrating to have them around, though, so please get in touch to schedule us to help you take care of your wasp or bee issue. It’s also helpful to know that normal housekeeping should usually prevent a damaging wasp or bee infestation from ever coming to bee.

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Our stance on bees is that we only treat nests when:

  • they are new and have only a few bees
  • they are unable to be relocated
  • their proximity to a human is life-threatening.

In all other cases, we recommend an apiarist be called to relocate the nest.

How You Can Help

In general, just keep an eye out for wasp or bee activity. Be particularly mindful if you start to suspect a hive is being formed. If you spot a hive developing early enough, a high-pressure hose or broom will be sufficient for removing the hive before a colony is established.

However, if the size of the developing hive looks large enough to house quite a few wasps or bees, please do not risk removing it yourself, especially if we are talking about a wasp nest — this can provoke a swarm attack.

Spraying insecticide on wasps will kill them, but not before they get really angry and attack whoever they think attacked them! These attacks can be very dangerous to you and your loved ones, and we do not recommend attempting this. Even if you consider yourself to be quite fit and speedy, if you think you have time to spray and run, you are wrong.

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