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Is pest control safe for me, my family, and my pets?

Our pest control services are safe for you, your family and your pets. All of our technicians are trained and licensed pest control technicians, who only use the best and safest products that have been approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority.

During our services, we use only the safest techniques and practices to ensure the safety of your loved ones. To do this, the following precautions are to be observed:

  • If you or a family member is particularly sensitive or suffers from allergic reactions, we recommend that person remains out of the home until the product has dried.
  • Protect or remove any pets from the treatment area until the product has dried.
  • Avoid contact with the treated surfaces until the product has dried.
  • Cover all food items and utensils prior to treatment.
What’s the difference between a budget pest control service, and a Bundilla Pest Control service?

You get what you pay for. Most budget providers work on volume, and so they have to complete their jobs quickly, and usually with a ‘one-product-fits-all’ approach. The end result may not be tailored to your home and situation, leaving you with less effective treatment that won’t last all year.

Here at Bundilla Pest Control, we pride ourselves on high quality thorough work, and providing an outstanding customer experience. We know how important it is to feel safe, comfortable and relaxed in your own home. To ensure this, we spend more time on your property treating more areas, and use a greater number of products to create a more effective and longer lasting treatment.

We’ve designed our own tailorable methods of treatment that give our customers the most effective service possible. In each treatment we use a number of different specialised products that work together to create a compounding effect that provides a high quality and longer lasting treatment. Because we are more detailed, thorough, and use a combination of premium products, we can confidently offer our 12 month pest free guarantee.

I’m pregnant (or my partner is pregnant), is it safe?

Short answer: The products we use are safe for you and your little one.

Long answer: How do we know they are safe? Before a product can be sold as a pesticide in Australia, it first must be approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority. If, for example, a product was harmful to pregnant women and still was approved for use as a pesticide and a pest control company chose to use it (we would not); a warning would have to be printed on the label and on the product’s Safety Data Sheet.

Therefore, we know that our products are safe for pregnant women because there are no warnings on the labels or the safety data sheets of any of our products. We are also in constant contact with our chemical supplier, who would advise us immediately if anything were to change.

If you still are not convinced, we won’t be offended if you prefer to leave the premises while we conduct the service at your home. What matters most to us is that you feel comfortable during an exciting time of your life.

Do I need to be home, or do I need to leave during the service?

Unless you are particularly sensitive or suffer from allergic reactions, there is no need for you to leave your home during our pest treatment. However, if you would like to leave, that is absolutely fine too.

Ideally, you would be home to meet our pest technician and advise of any problem areas or concerns. After that, it’s really a personal choice if you want to stay or leave.

Do you offer a discount for Seniors?

Yes, we do! Any person with a Queensland Seniors Card will receive a 15% discount on all services that exceed our minimum call out fee, with the exception of Termite Prevention; both physical and chemical barriers. We will also recognise Seniors Cards from other Australian States.

Do you accept Tap & Zip as a form of payment?

Yes, we accept Tap & Zip for payments on the same day! On the day of service, you can use your Tap & Zip card on your phone to pay for the service on our portable EFTPOS machines, provided you have sufficient credit.

 If you wish to use a buy now pay later service, we recommend signing up for Zip. You can download the app to your iPhone here & for your android phone here. Follow the prompts to sign up for an account. Once signed up, click on “Cards” down the bottom. Follow the prompts to add your Zip card to your phone’s wallet.

Please note, we do not accept Zip payments any other way except in person via Tap & Zip. Zip Pay & Zip Money charge us 5.5% of your payment, & we cannot absorb that cost.

What if I have a dog?

For the safety of our technicians please ensure your dog is restrained prior to our technician’s arrival. From experience, even the friendliest pooch can act out of character when an unfamiliar person using unfamiliar equipment enters their territory.

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