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How To Get Rid Of Bedbugs Off Your Body?

Bedbugs are gross! No one should have to share their body, or home with these nasty pests. Our Senior Pest Technician Jason is here to give you more guidance on where bedbugs live and how to get rid of them!

How To Get Rid Of Spiders Without Going Near Them?

Welcome to Termite TV — our question and answer video series. We’re jumping right in with spiders! How do you get rid of one without going near it? Our Senior Pest Technician, Jason has the answer.

How to Identify the Different Types of Cockroaches

‘There’s more than one type of cockroach!’ shrieked one of our Caloundra Pest Control customers after discovering that two different types of cockroaches were crawling through her kitchen. To make matters worse, Australia has over 500 native species of cockroaches.

How to Identify a Spider on the Sunshine Coast

Curious about what type of spider you’re dealing with? Find out how to identify spiders along the Sunshine Coast with our Spider Identification Chart. Got a spider problem? Call (07) 5317 6223.

Termites on Rampage on the Sunshine Coast – A Public Service Announcement

Termites are on the rampage. The wet and humid weather on the Sunshine Coast has created the perfect conditions for accelerating Termite activity. If you haven’t had an annual termite inspection, or your property doesn’t have a current termite barrier, we strongly encourage you to get a pest professional out to your property immediately.

The Thriller from Bundilla

I just couldn’t resist! After trawling through our advertising archives I found this little gem. A much loved TV ad for Bundilla Pest Control. Sunshine Coast pest control customers still remember the ‘Thriller from Bundilla’.