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Are you terrified of spiders? Are you tired of that heart-stopping, gut-wrenching feeling of being surprised by a spider? Are you continually dealing with spider infestations? Our spider removal experts are ready to treat your spider infestation right away.

Redback spider

Stop sharing your home with a bunch of eight-legged friends! Book a Deluxe Pest Control treatment to tackle spiders and other common pests for a 12-month pest-free guarantee.

Types Of Spiders We Treat

Our spider control treatments help to get rid of the following types of Australian spiders:

  • Common Black House Spider
  • Male & Female Funnel Web Spiders
  • Garden Orb-Weaver Spiders
  • Huntsman Spiders
  • Male & Female Mouse Spiders
  • Redback Spiders
  • Saint Andrews Cross Spiders
  • Male & Female Trapdoor Spiders
  • White Tail Spiders
  • Wolf Spiders

For more information about the different types of Australian spiders we treat, visit our blog.

We Remove Spiders With Three Different Treatment Packages

We treat spiders both inside and outside your home with the following treatment options:

  • Book a Standard Pest Control package — this package clears your home of cockroaches, spiders, and silverfish.
  • Book a Deluxe Pest Control package —this package clears your home of ants, cockroaches, spiders, and silverfish.
  • Book a Supreme Pest Control package — this package includes everything from a Deluxe Pest Control Package plus a thorough termite inspection.

We provide a 12-month pest-free guarantee on both Deluxe and Supreme pest control packages, so you can book a treatment risk-free!

Do You Have Spiders You Want To Get Rid Of?

Our Spider Control Process

Our spider control process always involves:

1. Spider Inspection

The goal of our spider inspection is to identify where the spiders are and if there are any signs of webbing. This step helps us identify whether you’re dealing with crawling spiders, webbing spiders, or both (usually the case).

Visit our post on signs of a spider infestation to know if you’re dealing with crawling or webbing spiders.

2. Spider Treatment

Once our pest technicians know what type of spiders you’re dealing with, we perform our treatment. Spider treatments will normally take place the same day as the inspection.

As with all of our pest control packages, we perform a fine dust treatment as well around water sources and other hard-to-reach areas, such as underneath cabinets, drains, hinges, and laundry areas. We treat the exterior perimeter of your home first and then move to your skirting boards along the interior perimeter of your home. We always use professional-grade products to be sure we are applying the right strength to control spiders properly.

For more information about crawling or webbing spider infestations, and how to get rid of them, visit our blog.

Crawling Spider Treatment

For crawling spiders, our routine perimeter pest control treatments both indoors and outdoors will be enough to treat the problem. Any residual chemicals left behind will get found by any other spiders that weren’t spot treated during the treatment.

Webbing Spider Treatment

For webbing spiders, our pest technicians will spot treat, then remove the webs. In some cases our team may ask homeowners to wait a couple of days before removing the webs since webbing spiders are known to re-ingest their webs, therefore ingesting the insecticides.

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Why Is Spider Control Important?

Many people are afraid of spiders! Thinking about sharing a home with spiders can keep some people awake, give them nightmares, or just take away the feeling of comfort that they should always have in their home. Here are some more reasons why spider control is so important:

  • Female spiders spin a lot of webs to capture their prey — Webs are unsightly and can alarm you, your family, and visitors to your home.
  • It’s difficult to keep up with web removal on your own — Spiders spin webs quickly and a new one can turn up overnight!
  • Most spiders inject venom into their prey to paralyse them — This way, spiders can more easily consume their meal. It’s important to keep venomous spiders away from your family for their own safety.
  • Some spiders have jaws and fangs that are large enough to pierce the skin of humans — These bites can be very painful and at times even toxic.
  • Spider bites can become infected — Infected spider bites can cause necrosis to any surrounding tissue, and even threaten human lives.
  • Spiders can also transfer harmful bacteria from human to human — This harmful bacteria is transferred through their bites.

If you’re looking to prevent a spider or two from becoming a huge spider problem, contact us today to book your treatment.

Tips To Control Spiders In Your Home

  • Mow your lawn regularly and don’t let your gardens become overgrown. Long grass gives more cover for inspects — spiders included!
  • Use a broom or high-powered hose to remove spider webs right when you first see them. Keep an eye on your clotheslines, bin storage area (check the handles!), eaves, and pergolas.
  • If you keep your home neat and tidy, you’ll attract fewer pests in general, which means there will be less prey for the spiders to feed on. You can also consider installing fly screens in your home, so spiders aren’t attracted to the flies that end up inside your home.
  • To keep yourself safer from toxic bites, wear gloves when gardening, and when handling soil and rubbish.

Please keep in mind that while you take precautionary steps, you simply cannot control nature! We will never completely get rid of spiders from outdoor areas.

For more information on how to get rid of spiders inside and outside of your home, visit our blog.

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