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Do you need help getting rid of bed bugs from your home?

Bed bugs are horrible! They feast on our blood, they’re great at hiding in crevices, within clothing, behind wallpaper, and under mattresses, they reproduce very quickly, and their excrement leaves a nasty, lingering odour.

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If you’ve spotted bed bugs, we know you want to get rid of them immediately! Treating them yourself is not an option. We will work fast to help you and your family remove them.

How We Professionally Treat Bed Bugs To Remove Them From Your Home

Our professional bed bug treatment includes three important steps to ensure they’ve been completely eradicated from your home:

1. We Inspect Your Home For Bed Bugs

First, we inspect your home for adult bed bugs to know exactly what we’re dealing with. We will need to pull clothing from wardrobes and look inside books, under mattresses, behind skirting boards, and more. Our inspection process is very detailed since bed bugs are difficult to spot. We want to ensure we’ve found every area of your home where an infestation is present.

2. We Apply An Insecticide

If an infestation is present, we apply an insecticide potent enough to kill the adults and their eggs. Do-it-yourself bed bug removal using heat and a vacuum does not guarantee they won’t come back. That’s why we use a professional chemical treatment.

3. We Apply A Barrier

Next, we apply a barrier around the room(s) to prevent further bed bug infestations, because a single surviving female is enough to repopulate. There’s no such thing as too much protection when it comes to bed bugs!

In some circumstances when infestations are very severe, we may recommend throwing out clothing and/or furniture which may be harbouring large numbers of bed bugs. We also recommend that you maintain a high standard of cleanliness to minimize the chance of any bed bugs returning.

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Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs usually stay out of sight during the day, making it hard to know if you have an infestation. However, there are some clear signs of bed bugs that you won’t want to ignore. We recommend checking for:

  • Dark brown, black spots or stains on your sheets, mattress and mattress seams, couches, and surrounding areas. This is a result of bed bug excretion or faecal pellets — yuck!
  • An unsettling sweet scent. Wonder what makes a sweet scent unsettling? The scent of bed bugs is subjective so it’s impossible to describe. If you’re unsure don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!
  • Lines of test bites along your skin. Bed bug bites are often inflamed, itchy, and can become infected.
  • Signs of insomnia. Bed bugs can cause insomnia due to the itching and biting, and just the general dread of knowing you are sharing your space with something that is feeding on you!

If you’ve noticed any of the above signs of bed bugs, we encourage you to contact our team right away!

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