Our Process

Our Pest Control Process

It’s stressful to find pests in your home! We help you and your family get back to feeling safe and comfortable in your home by listening to what your problem is and finding the best possible solution. 

After we know the best course of action for your pest problem, we set up a treatment date in your home, confirm that date by email, and then send a reminder by SMS.

What to Expect During Your Treatment Appointment:

  • When your technician arrives, they will ask you more about your concerns and get you to show them where you have seen pests.
  • If you have any pets, your technician will explain the best way to manage the pet during the treatment.
  • Next, your technician surveys the site and begins your pest control treatment.
  • Throughout the treatment (or at the end if you prefer) your technician will give you tips to get the most out of the pest control treatment and prolong the effectiveness.
  • Finally, your technician will advise about any follow up treatments, inspections, or protection that will help keep your home pest free!

Note: You don’t have to be home during your treatment, but it is very helpful for you to be there to point out specific problem areas to us. If you aren’t home, please provide descriptions of trouble zones!

Our team will contact you a few weeks prior to when a service needs to be performed again to ensure that you continue to enjoy a pest free home.

We cannot provide accurate pricing for specific services until we know more about your problem, the size of your property, and what your property is made of! 

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