Commercial Termite Treatments On The Sunshine Coast To North Brisbane

Protect your business from termites! Whether you’re a body corporate, a real estate owner or agency, or a commercial business — termites are costly pests that you need to avoid.

Due to the variation in body corporate buildings and commercial businesses, we always carry out an on-site consultation and provide a free proposal for the services we recommend.

Why Is Commercial Termite Control So Important?

For our commercial termite control clients on the Sunshine Coast to North Brisbane, it’s not just the premises itself that you need to worry about. You need to consider all of your fittings and goods as well.

For example, we are often called to perform termite inspections and treatments where owners thought they were safe because their building has a tilt slab construction, but your stored goods can still be ruined by a termite infestation even if your building’s structure is safe from termite attack. Termites don’t just eat wood — they also eat wood products, such as paper and cardboard. Any product packaging or storage materials are fair (and tasty!) game for termites.

If you are a body corporate committee, you may be open to a termite risk based on the design and construction of your property. Even concrete buildings can pose significant economical risk depending on the fittings within the building and the design of the building. Our thorough termite inspections and termite pest control treatments protect your investment and give you peace of mind.

Keep Your Business Termite-Free

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Keep Your Business Termite-Free