Food Processing Pest Control On The Sunshine Coast To North Brisbane

Pests contaminate ingredients, equipment, preparation surfaces, and packaging. Unfortunately, they’re also known to end up in the final product!

With food processing plants under surveillance and required to meet strict health and safety regulations (that are only getting more strict!), pest management is more important than ever.

If you already have auditing requirements placed on you, pest management is a key step to ensure you’re meeting those requirements. Let our team of expert pest technicians help your food production plant continue to not only pass audits but ace them!

Keep Your Food Production Facility Pest-Free

Let Us Help You Be Pest-Free

Our Pest Management Process

  1. Once you reach out to our team about pest control for your food processing facility, one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible to book a time to meet for a free on-site proposal consultation.
  2. During your free consultation, our technicians will review the site and discuss what they think would be the best treatment plan for your unique situation.
  3. After the free consultation, our team will prepare and send you a pest treatment proposal showing what would need to be done each month for the next twelve months.
  4. Before you sign the proposal, our team will reach out to confirm that the proposal works for you and your unique needs. Adjustments can be made and then once everything is signed off, our team will begin monthly maintenance at our scheduled time.

Ready for your food production facility to be pest free? Book your free on-site consultation today!

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