Body Corporate Pest Control On The Sunshine Coast To North Brisbane

Bundilla Pest Control is your top choice for body corporates on the Sunshine Coast to North Brisbane! Since body corporate pest control is shared between tenants and body corporate managers, it can be complicated trying to decide who is responsible for what and what pest control service is best suited for everyone on a body corporate committee.

We provide pest control treatments for both external and internal areas. External areas would include parking lots, recreational spaces, hallways, stair cases, and lobbies. Internal areas would be the tenants’ internal property. Our team will always recommend pest treatments for both internal and external areas because it provides the most effective treatment and the greatest value to all members on a body corporate committee!

Ready For Your Building & Tenants To Live Pest-Free?

Our Body Corporate Pest Treatments

Our body corporate clients deal with a number of different pests but we see them benefit most from the following treatments:

A full list of all the pests we treat can be found here. If you’re ready to get rid of pests in your building contact us today!

Ready For Your Building & Tenants To Live Pest-Free?

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Ready For Your Building & Tenants To Live Pest-Free?