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Residential Pest Control is how we help you and your family feel safe and happy in your home. Pest problems are stressful, but we will bring peace of mind back into your life with our inspections, treatments, and residential pest control packages.

🎶 For when the ants go marching in… 🎶

No one wants to wake up scratching a bedbug bite!

Nothing ruins a barbie like being tormented by buzzing wasps.

Because not all birds sing very nice songs.

They’re just creepy.

Perhaps the only downside of having a family pet!

Yep, some things still shock even us!

Stuart Little was cute, but…

Watch out, they’ll wreck your stuff!

Arachnophobia anyone?!

Don’t get eaten out of house and home!

Make your home termite-proof.

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Let Us Help You Be Pest Free

We also offer the following additional pest control services:

  • Pest Control for move outs
  • 6 monthly external rejuvenation treatments
  • Carpet beetle treatments
  • Casemaking clothes moths treatments
  • Bird mites treatments
  • German Cockroach treatments
  • Mosquito control treatments

Get in touch to learn more about these additional services to residents on the Sunshine Coast to North Brisbane.

Our Pest Control Packages are often your most economical choice:

We know you want your home to be pest free year round, so we always recommend 12 monthly treatments. You may be hesitant to get a treatment at the 12 month mark if you haven’t seen anything, but that does not mean that pests are not there!

You deserve a home that is a safe haven — a place that you don’t share with unwanted pests! Buying a home is a huge investment in your future so it is imperative that you keep it termite free and prevent costly damage.

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