Ant Control On The Sunshine Coast to North Brisbane

Have you noticed an increasing number of ants outside? It’s only a matter of time before they venture inside!

We’ve been getting rid of ants in homes across the Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane for over 34 years using the highest quality, and safest products available. Our ant control treatments are much more effective than over-the-counter ant control products. These products have a “knock-down” effect, which means they can only get rid of the ants you can see at that very moment, but do not treat the rest of the colony.

Let’s treat your ant infestation before (or after) they break into your home! Take it a step further and book a Deluxe Pest Control treatment to tackle ants and other common pests for a 12-month pest-free guarantee.

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Types Of Ant Species We Treat

Our ant control treatments help to get rid of the following types of ants:

  • Black ants
  • Brown ants
  • Bull ants
  • Carpenter ants
  • Fire ants
  • Funnel ants
  • Garden ants
  • Ghost ants
  • Pavement ants
  • White ants (termites)

If you’ve seen white ants in and around your home, you may be dealing with termites! Contact our team right away before termites can cause any more damage.

Your Three Ant Control Treatment Options

We treat ants both inside and outside your home with the following treatment options:

  • Book a simple ant treatment — this will treat ants only.
  • Book a Deluxe Pest Control package — this package clears your home of ants, cockroaches, spiders, and silverfish.
  • Book a Supreme Pest Control package — this package includes everything from a Deluxe Pest Control Package plus a thorough termite inspection. This package is ideal if you’ve also seen white ants.

We provide a 12-month pest-free guarantee on both Deluxe and Supreme pest control packages, so you can book a treatment risk-free!

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3 Key Steps We Take To Remove Ants

  1. First, we use premium non-repellent products to create a perimeter treatment both inside and outside your home.
  2. Second, our technician inspects outside for active ant trails and harborage points. Once found, the technician will apply a premium non-repellent product directly to these ant trails and harborage points. These ants will then carry on with their daily activities for up to 6 days while they infect other ants in their colony.
  3. Third, is to inspect inside your home for any signs of ant activity. If there is, a premium bait will be used to draw out the ants and knock them down quickly.

Learn more about our overall pest control process and what to expect during your first treatment.

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More Information About Our Ant Control Treatments

  • We always recommend a full internal and external ant treatment to keep your home ant-free!
  • If the ants were inside your home, the best practice is to maintain treatments every 12 months to prevent reoccurrence.
  • If you are experiencing heavy ant pressure, we may recommend follow-up external treatments at six month intervals to maintain ant control.
  • We use multiple products to make our treatments more effective over time (and use different products inside than we do outside).
  • Our equipment ensures we are able to get the job done safely (for our team, for you, your family, and your pets).
  • We will provide recommendations of things you can do around your home to decrease the chances of ants becoming a problem again.
  • You may still see ants for 4-6 weeks after treatment, as the treatment works its way through the whole colony.

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