Bedbug Removal On The Sunshine Coast To North Brisbane

Bedbugs are Horrible.

They feast on our blood, they're great at hiding in crevices, within clothing, behind wallpaper, and under mattresses, they reproduce very quickly, and their excrement leaves a nasty, lingering odour.

If you've spotted bedbugs, we know you want to get rid of them immediately. Treating them yourself is not an option — we will work fast to help you and your family get rid of bedbugs!



What Bedbugs Look Like

A close up of a Bedbug with a fresh blood meal

A close up of a Bedbug with a fresh blood meal

How Bedbugs Live

  • Female bedbugs need blood from hosts to survive and reproduce, so they generally live in bedrooms and on mattresses where they have access to sleeping people.

  • They leave lines of test bites on the skin of their chosen host.

  • Their bites are often inflamed, itchy, and can become infected.

  • They can cause insomnia due to the itching and biting, and just the general dread of knowing you are sharing your space with something that is feeding on you.

How We Treat Bedbugs

First, we inspect your home for adult bedbugs. We will need to pull clothing from wardrobes and look inside books, under mattresses, and behind skirting boards.

Then, if an infestation is present, we apply an insecticide potent enough to kill the adults and their eggs.

Next, we apply a barrier around the room to prevent further infestations because a single surviving female is enough to repopulate.

In some circumstances when infestations are very severe, we may recommend throwing out clothing and/or furniture which may be harbouring large numbers of bedbugs.

We recommend that you maintain a high standard of cleanliness to minimise the chance of bedbugs returning.

Things You Can Do To Prevent Bedbugs

  • Check accommodation review sites before you book vacations for warnings about bedbugs.

  • Keep you home clean and tidy, as bed bugs are found more often in dirty environments.

  • Clean clothing in hot temperatures after returning from a trip.

  • Don't store luggage in your bedroom.

  • Be cautious when buying second-hand furniture.

  • Act quickly when you are suspicious of bedbugs because each female can lay a staggering 500 eggs per month.

  • Don't try to treat bedbugs on your own — get a professional to help you make your home safe again.