Commercial Pest Control Services On The Sunshine Coast To North Brisbane

Commercial pest and termite control are an important part of every business, but not something you want to have to think about! We will take that worry off your plate and ensure you can focus on managing and growing your business.

We provide commercial pest control services for body corporates, real estates and landlords, and commercial businesses.

We don't use contracts for our commercial pest control clients, so we only charge for what we do, when we do it. We don't rent out equipment either because we believe it's more cost effective for your business to purchase hardware outright as needed.

Are You a Body Corporate Looking for Commercial Pest Control?

Typically, our body corporate clients benefit from our Deluxe Pest Control Package (ants, cockroaches, spiders and silverfish), Rodent treatments, Termite inspections, and Termite prevention which is the installation of termite barriers (often called Termite Management System Installations). 

Body Corporate committees are responsible for maintaining services for external grounds and common areas, so we can do pest treatments for these areas only, or we can do internal and external treatments. The internal/external option is highly recommended because it provides the most effective treatment and the greatest value to all members of the body corporate committee.

  • We always notify body corporate owners and their tenants of all service dates and arrange proper access for our technicians.

There is great variation in body corporate building layouts, so we always carry out an onsite consultation and then present a free proposal for the services we recommend.


Are You a Real Estate Property Manager or Landlord

We provide the same comprehensive services that our residential customers receive, but work out property access and billing with a property manager which takes away any hassle from property owners.

If you are a property manager, you can rely on us to contact you whenever your next service is due so that the properties you manage remain pest free.


Are You a Commercial Business?

Commercial businesses like yours have a wide variety of unique requirements, so we always carry out an onsite consultation and provide a free proposal on the services we recommend. As a general standard, commercial businesses require pest and rodent services.

Healthcare and food preparation businesses have different requirements, and we use a comprehensive set of commercial pest control products to ensure your needs are met.

Commercial kitchens bring their own challenges, but we are very experienced in handling them. Kitchens need to be serviced frequently and it's always helpful when we can take a team approach to ensure we maintain the most effective pest management. An important part of this team approach are the issue logs that ensure two-way communication and always note recommendations on site improvements where necessary.