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Bedbugs are gross! There is no reason you should have to share your body, or home with these nasty pests. Our Senior Pest Technician Jason is here to give you more guidance on where bedbugs live and how to get rid of them!

Video Transcription

Today’s question is…

How to get rid of bedbugs off your body?

Well, the fact is bedbugs are generally not on your body — they do not travel on your body. The daily process of having your regular showering routine should get any live specimens off your body. The main issue with bedbugs is that they’re probably more likely to be around your mattress or within your sheets, hence the name bedbugs. A lot of people tend to misdiagnose bedbugs, so it’s important that you at least:

  • Inspect these same areas looking for any blood spotting around mattresses and sheets
  • Check your skin for any irritation or bites
  • If these are noticed, you should then look at consulting a professional pest manager

Engage them to come and complete a site assessment. They will then have a look at all these areas. They will ask you questions about what risk factors may have led to this, “have you been traveling recently? Have you been frequenting backpacker accommodations?” These places are generally nice havens for bedbugs. The pest manager will then perhaps give you an option or recommend some form of treatment in the process of eradicating this infestation. However, it is up to you, the house owner, to make sure that you are regularly keeping up your personal hygiene standards and you’re also looking after your own housekeeping. So regularly washing your bed linen as well as regular vacuuming of carpet areas around the initial site. I hope these tips have been helpful to you.

Are you dealing with a bedbug infestation?

If you’re dealing with a bed bug infestation we recommend a bedbug removal treatment to provide you, and your family, peace of mind.