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We’ve always believed that you deserve to feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed in your home.

We make sure that you can do that! This country is beautiful, but some of the pests we share it with are not. That creepy feeling you get when you suspect you are sharing your space with something tiny but destructive? We get rid of that feeling.

Peace of Mind Since 1985

Peace of mind is a beautiful thing, and we’ve been bringing it to the Sunshine Coast since 1985. Geoffrey Walker built Bundilla Pest Control on a foundation of quality extermination products and a dedication to impressive customer service. In 1990, he transferred the company to his son and daughter — Trevor and Susan Rheinberger, who have continued to grow their team alongside their son, Beau. Beau managed our recent rebranding and worked hard to build our new website to make it easier for you to see how we can serve you in your home and at your place of business. We’ve recently begun providing pest control services to the suburbs of North Brisbane. If you’re dealing with a pest problem in that area, contact us today to keep your home or business pest-free!

Friendly has always been a guiding principle for us — from our kind, compassionate office team who arrange your appointments, to the skilled, experienced technicians who treat your home with care and respect — we make whatever pest problem you are having as comfortable as possible.

We don’t do things the same way we did in 1985, nor do we use the same products. Pest control has evolved as all things do, and we are proud to be always be on the edge of progress to ensure we only use the safest, most effective techniques to make (and keep!) your home pest free.

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