Who We Work With

These are people and companies who make our jobs easier and our work stronger. We appreciate their support and welcome additional partnership suggestions as well.

Body Corporate Managers

We've worked with these body corporate management agencies for many years. We've built an excellent communication process with these companies and the owners and tenants so that people are always aware of service dates. We're grateful for the seamless administrative assistance we get from the following businesses!

Real Estate

When we partner with a real estate, the property managers look after the tenants and the maintenance requirements of owners' investment properties. We contact a property manager when one of their buildings is due for a service to ensure the owner wants to go ahead. Next up, we build a work order and after approval we contact the tenant and arrange a convenient time for a service. We bill the real estate and they make payment to us and provide any reports back to the owner as needed. We often work with:


When we perform pest inspections, especially when termites are found, there is often a leak in a home. These damp conditions are conducive to termites and we recommend getting in touch with the stellar team at Plumbers QLD to fix leaks and other plumbing problems.

Like leaks it's common for pests to cause damage to a home or business' electrical wires, we trust Safe T Electrical to get the job done right!

Product Suppliers