Silverfish Control On The Sunshine Coast To North Brisbane

Silverfish have strong mouths that chew through your household items such as clothing, paper, wallpaper, and even fabrics. They're annoying little buggers at the best of times, and when they are at their worst, they can even destroy priceless family heirlooms, like irreplaceable photographs!

They don't transmit bacteria or diseases that are harmful to you or your family, but their excrement can present an odour. So while silverfish infestations aren't time sensitive, they are still an issue you'll want to get cleaned up.

We Treat for Silverfish With the Following Treatment Packages:

When we are in your home for any of our services, we inspect for the presence of general pests — so we are always checking for silverfish! To properly treat for silverfish, we use a professional grade insecticide around the perimeter of your home and along the interior perimeter of your home as well (along your skirting boards).

Choose a professional team (like us!) to control silverfish because we also insert a fine dust treatment around water sources and those hard-to-reach areas. Silverfish can hide out behind dishwashers, underneath sink cabinets, near drains, and in laundry areas — without the extra care that we pay to these areas, silverfish are difficult to control.

We help control silverfish so your personal belongings don't get eaten up.

We help control silverfish so your personal belongings don't get eaten up.

Why Are Silverfish Such a Problem?

  • They will eat your possessions.

  • They can be found almost anywhere in your home — and often prefer dark, undisturbed spaces such as walls, roof areas, and under furniture.

  • They eat your food! Silverfish are particularly fond of starchy foods, such as cereals, grains, and the boxes these starchy items are stored in.

  • They hide during the day and feed at night.

  • They are incredibly fast and agile, and can even dislodge the scales on their back to escape from predators!

  • Silverfish can live for up to four years.

How You Can Prevent and Control Silverfish

  • Inspect all secondhand items that you bring into your home for all pests, including silverfish. Be especially careful with:

    • Books

    • Clothing

    • Bedding

    • Furniture

  • Store your books, paper files, and clothing in areas that are as bright and well-ventilated as possible.

  • Keep your home clean, especially the kitchen.

  • Store foods that are starchy in airtight, plastic containers so that they don't become a tempting food source for silverfish.

  • Remember, things that are kept in the far corners of cabinets and closets, and are therefore rarely disturbed are a prime target for silverfish to make a home out of!