Termite Prevention On The Sunshine Coast To North Brisbane

Every home in Australia, from the Sunshine Coast to North Brisbane should have a Termite Management System in place and maintained around their home.

Remember, the further north you are, the higher the risk for termites. We use the best product on the market for termite prevention via chemical soil treatments: Termidor or Termidor HE.

Our termite prevention treatments can be split into two categories:

Physical Prevention Barrier

A physical termite prevention barrier can only be installed before a home is constructed. This involves installing a termiticide impregnated polymer sheet (which is a plastic sheet) around the concrete slab edge, brick cavity perimeter or concrete slab cold joints of a building and putting collars (plastic mouldings) around service penetrations (where plumbing and electrical hookups come into the building).

Chemical Soil Prevention Barrier

Chemical soil prevention treatments can be done either pre or post-construction. This is often the best option and the most forgiving of a home's construction limitations.

However, chemical soil barriers are not permanent, and have to be topped up/reinstalled every so often. The frequency depends on the termite pressure in the location, the construction of the home, and the soil type. A reasonable top up frequency for a standard home in SE QLD is once every five years.

Installing chemical soil barriers can involve a mixture of trenching, drilling, installing or refilling reticulation lines, scarifying or horizontal treatments. The end result is that the soil that comes in contact with your home is impregnated with a termiticide.

Because the installation is labour intensive, and the method of installation is dependant on how the home is built, we come to your home for a free site consultation and then provide a free proposal for your review before scheduling the installation.

Prevent termites like this one from damaging the structure of your home and wreaking havoc on what's inside!

Prevent termites like this one from damaging the structure of your home and wreaking havoc on what's inside!

Cost for Termite Prevention Treatments

A typical 4 bedroom home built on a single level concrete slab can take anywhere between 1-2 days to install and will cost in the range of $1200-$4000 for a complete Chemical Soil Termite Management System Installation.

It's standard in Australia to need 12 monthly inspections every year in order to maintain the warranty provided by the chemical supplier. Regular treatments are also required to maintain a building warranty for a newly constructed home —  these are usually guaranteed for 10 years.

We provide 2 - 12 month interest free, fee free payment plans for Termite Management System Installations

Why You Should Focus on Termite Prevention

  • Maintaining a current Chemical Soil Termite Management System and keeping up with inspections can increase the value of your home because it takes away doubt about any previous termite infestations and damage.

  • The cost of a barrier is usually less than home and contents insurance when you break the fees down annually.

  • Even if you have a tilt slab constructed premises and a home with metal framing, you should still consider a barrier. While these methods of construction limit the structural damage termites can cause, it doesn't stop them from eating what's inside! All of your internal walls, doors, and furnishings can still fall victim to a termite attack.

In addition to physical prevention barriers and chemical soil treatments, there is a third option that has gained popularity in NSW and the Southern States — termite baiting. However, baiting systems do not lower the risk sufficiently for the termite pressure we receive in QLD. The only people this treatment is good for in Queensland are the pest control and chemical companies because they can charge a lot for a very imperfect service. It's not good enough for you, your family, or your home and we refuse to employ this method except in rare circumstances where it is the only option available due to the buildings design. Your peace of mind and investment in your home are too important to us to consider shortcutting in this manner.

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